Wireless Mesh Monitoring Solutions

About WiSenMeshNET® and WiSenMeshWAN®

A wireless mesh network working at short- and long-range distances using sensors and gateways to enable reliable, innovative, and cost-effective monitoring solutions for a multitude of industries and infrastructure such as Railways, Tunnels, Bridges, Construction & Critical Infrastructure.

Connectivity Sensors & Nodes


Omni Tilt Sensors

Omni Tilt & Distance Sensors

1,2,4 and 8 ch Interface Nodes



Weather Stations

Distance Displacement Sensors

Smart Shape Cells


The WiSen Mesh system offers autonomous wireless radio connection between measurement sensors enabling cable free automatic data acquisition and transfer. The SmartGateway is the local wireless edge controller device and is the hub for collection of sensor readings, data storage and communication to the internet. The wireless sensor nodes consist of a series of interface nodes that can connect to vibrating wire, digital or analogue geotechnical sensors, whilst an array of WiSen sensors offer the measurement capability of angle rotation & distance displacement or visual alerting through camera images and sensory alarms.



Wisen Innovation


Wisen Innovation


Wisen Innovation


Wisen Innovation


Wisen Innovation

News Updates

Wisen Trackbed Monitoring

Wisen Trackbed Monitoring

CLIENT: CROSSRAIL / NETWORK RAIL   How the use of wireless monitoring systems can be used to  monitor trackbed infrastructure. Overview During the tunnelling works associated to the Crossrail project, track infrastructure at Abbey Wood Station Upgrade...

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