Wireless Monitoring in Bridges

WiSenMeshNET® and WiSenMeshWAN®

1. Smart Gateway Data Collection

Wisen Smart Gateway collects all data from sensors on project site. Data from the gateway is then transmitted via the cloud or GSM. The data can then be viewed using the Wisen Visualisation Platform to create complete monitoring reports. Alternatively the data can be integrated into your own Visualisation Platform.

2. Wisen Weather Station

Measures rainfall, wind direction and velocity and ambient temperature.

3. Static Deflections

Monitor static deflections with an omni tilt sensor on bridge towers, decks and piers.

4. Distance Variation

Distance variation between piers with the omni tilt and distance sensor allowing direct distance measurement and rotational deflection.

5. Pressure, force and temperature

Measure and monitor using strain gauges and thermistors under the deck or embedded on the armour connected to a vibrating wire 1, 2, 4 or 8 channel interface node.

6. Joint displacements

Assess joint displacements and/or cracks evolution with crack meters connected to a vibrating wire 1, 2,4 or 8 channel interface node.



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