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A Long Range and Medium Range Mesh Network

Wireless Mesh Monitoring

WiSen are an innovative provider of intelligent wireless IoT monitoring solutions and uniquely placed in the market to offer MeshNET and MeshWAN systems in both a Mesh & Star topology network. MeshNET being a medium range 2.4GHz radio system more suited to high sensor density and sampling transmission rates and MeshWAN the long-range 868MHz radio version giving benefits such as radio transmission through physical obstructions. Each system offers mirrored WiSen sensor nodes which cater for the detection and recording of a variety of movement parameters such as rotation, distance displacement, temperature variance or visual alerting through camera images or sensory alarms, as well as interacting with 3rd party geotechnical and structural sensors through WiSen interface nodes, giving the client a one stop portfolio monitoring solution. Empowering the user is at the heart of the system, allowing users to have full ownership and control changes of systems and providing intelligent smart tools which whish assist in the decision making and reporting process.  WiSen systems are suited and can be deployed in multitude of industries such as Railways, Tunnels, Bridges, Construction Sites & Critical Infrastructure.

Safeguarding railways by attaining changes associated to rail cant, twist
longitudinal settlement, alignment fault, voiding and temperature.

Providing a trigger mesh system for near instantaneous movement
detention and informative alerts.

Longer term assurance monitoring of structural asset.

Monitoring the structural movement associated to ground pressure.

Ensuring the safety of site personnel and neighbouring stakeholder assets.

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