Wireless Monitoring in Dams

WiSenMeshNET® and WiSenMeshWAN®

Dam and weather sensors

1. Wisen Smart Gateway

Wisen Smart Gateway collects all data from sensors on the project site. Data from the gateway is then transmitted via the cloud or GSM. The data can then be viewed using the Wisen Visualisation Platform to create complete monitoring reports. Alternatively, the data can be integrated into your own Visualisation Platform.

2. Wisen Weather Station

Measures rainfall, wind direction and velocity and ambient temperature.

3. Tension and remaining load

Monitor tension and the remaining load on anchorages connected to a mini gateway..

4. Pore pressure

Monitor pore pressure through piezometers in a borehole connected to a vibrating wire 1, 2,4 or 8 channel interface node.

5. Horizontal Displacements

Assess horizontal displacements through in-place inclinometers or shape array connected to a sensor node.

6. Vertical deformation

Measure vertical deformation at various depths with a multi-point borehole extensometer (MPBX) connected to a vibrating wire 1, 2,4 or 8 channel interface node.

7. Surface crack movement

Monitor Movement across surface cracks with a crack meter connected to a vibrating wire interface node.



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