Wireless Monitoring in Rail

WiSenMeshNET® and WiSenMeshWAN®

1. Lateral displacement

Monitor lateral displacement due to slope instability with the omni tilt sensor mounted on a pole and installed on a slope.

2. In depth lateral displacements

Monitor in depth lateral displacements of the subsoil due to instability and/or presence of discontinuities using multiple inclinometers connected to a sensor node.

3. Monitor dangerous rock movements

Connect a rock detection system to a mini gateway and camera system.

4. Cant and twist variations

These can be measured with omni tilt sensors.

5. Water level and pore water pressure

Variations associated with vertical displacement and bearing capacity of the soil can be monitored with vibrating wire multi point piezometer connected to a vibrating wire 1, 2,4 or 8 channel interface node.

6. Soil Cracks

Measure soil cracks with a crack meter connected to a vibrating wire 1,2,4 or 8 channel interface node.



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