WiSen Camera Vision Unit – 3002

This internally battery powered multipurpose camera and alert sensor system enables the automatic capture of site images night or day as well as providing an onsite alerting system through visual LED’s or via sound through the integrated siren. The camera has a 1080p, full colour, 85° horizonal field of view lens with a night vision capability. Images can be captured by a user induced request command (passive static mode) and by a user-controlled schedule (active static mode) which can associated and reactive to trigger thresholds, with an image capture interval as low as 1 minute. The internal memory can store upto 26,000 images which can be transmitted via Mobile GSM/ LAN / WLAN module configuration. The visual unit also includes an integrated LED warning system, containing three warning colours. These can be configured and reactive to predefined alert warning thresholds. In addition, the 90dBm siren will give a high decibel sound alert. These sensory near real-time alerts enhance the safety of onsite workers who may be working in the vicinity. Depending on configurable requirements the internal battery lifespan is up to 5+ months at hourly readings. For longer term self-power solutions this can be paired with an additional battery unit or through use of the WiSen solar power system which would give an unlimited duration.

WiSen Camera Vision Unit – 3002

WiSen Camera Vision Unit – 3002

Key Features
  • 1080p HD Camera
  •  Colour & Night Vision
  • 85° Horizontal Field of View
  • 45° Vertical Field of View
  •  Visual LED Alert System
  • Siren Alert Sensor
  • End User Configurable
  • IP66
Dimensions (L x W x H) 180mm x 140mm x 60mm (excluding antenna)
Weight 2.0kg
Casing and Painting Materials Aluminium-Alloy & Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating


International Protection Mark Rating ≥IP66
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Cable Gland 1 x EMC CMA12 for Camera connection

1 x EMC CMA14 for external DC input power connection

Local Storage Example: ≥ 180 days @ Sampling Interval (T)=10mins, i.e., 26,000 Images
Primary DC Power 4 xER34615 Lithium D Cell Battery
Battery Connection Standard Aluminum Battery Holder
Secondary External AC/ DC Power Options 7V ~ 32VDC (Min. Current >= 2Amp)

1.       WiSen 110~240vAC to 12vDC IP68 Outdoor Adaptor

2.       WiSen M001 Non-Rechargeable Battery Enclosure (L 180mm x W 140mm x H 60mm) Extends Primary DC Battery life a further 1.5 times, for example 12.5 months @ 1-hour intervals.

3.       WiSen M101 Solar Charge Controller Unit (L 180mm x W 140mm x H 60mm) & 10-15W PV Panel. LiFePO4 rechargeable battery / 8-12hr recharge duration / 1.5-month battery life @ 1-hour intervals).