WiSenMeshWAN Smart Gateway

WiSenMeshWAN SmartGateway is a connection gateway and edge computing data hub for WiSenMeshWAN nodes. It manages the scheduling of the connected sensors and reads data from the nodes and transmits it to the WiSen data cloud server using the integrated modem. In case of communication failure, data is buffered locally until the communication is restored. The SmartGateway has an internal battery which can last up to 6.3  months, but it can also be powered externally.

WiSenMesh<span class="highlight-wan">WAN</span> Smart Gateway

The WiSen SmartGateway is a master unit within the Wireless Sensor Network, which controls and manages the connected sensor nodes.  It is responsible for scheduling of the connected node sensors and receives data from the nodes via radio signal before it then transmits the data via an integrated modem to the WiSen encrypted cloud servers or locally hosting server.

Users can choose from communication interface options which include Mobile (GSM), Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Fibre Optic,  RS485 & RS232.

The gateway has an interval battery which can last upto 6.3 months, but it can also be powered externally using an additional battery pack which boosts the duration 1.5 times. Alternatively, a solar charge controller unit, or an AC/DC power adapter for connection to an external power source can be supplied

WiSenMeshWAN Smart Gateway

Key Features
  • Central WiSenMeshWAN Data Hub
  • 868MHz Radio Frequency
  • Internal battery life upto 6.3 months
  • Can be externally powered by AC-DC Mains, Internal Batteries, External Battery Unit or Solar
  • User changeable batteries
  • Interchangeable Communication Interface module boards allowing for Mobile (GSM), Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Fibre Optic & RS485
  • Onboard industrial-grade SD memory card for data buffering and backup
  • Over the air programmable
  • Automatic APN detection for mobile sims
  • Compact size for ease of installation
  • Sample (T) Range: 1 second to 24 hours
  • Reporting Range: 1 second to 99 days
Physical Properties
Dimensions 180mm x 140mm x 60mm (excluding antennas)
IP Rating ≥IP66
Weight 2.0kg (excluding antennas)
Network Interfaces
Mobile (GSM), Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Fibre Optic, RS485 & RS232
Radio Specifications
Transmit (Tx) Power Range 5-20dBm (Typically 14dBm) The maximum power may be different depending on regional regulations
Receive (Rx) Sensitivity Range -13 dBm (Max) to -112dBm (Min)
Maximum Antenna Gain 8 dBi (Default 5dBi)
Radio Range (Per Hop) Upto 1.5km in optimum conditions
Maximum Number of Hops 6
Mesh Network Capacity Typically, 1-60 Nodes at T=1-20mins. 1-1600 Nodes at >20mins
Power Options
5.       Internal Non -rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries
6.       External Non-rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery enclosure
7.       AC-DC Mains Adapter
8.       Solar Charge Controller Unit