Wireless Monitoring System

WiSenMeshNET 1F07 Omni Tilt & Distance Node

This internally powered dual sensor node allows measurement of tilt in any axis from a horizontal plane and a distance to any surface upto 300m away without a reflector. With a full tilt range (360° any axis) and very high accuracy (±0.002°)  and resolution (±0.0001°), in addition to distance measurement (0.05m~ 300m) with a high accuracy (±1mm) and resolution (±0.1mm). The omni-axis sensors can be installed in any orientation and automatically detect the horizontal plane. 

The nodes also include an integrated temperature sensor and wireless mesh radio transmitter via the external antenna. 

The battery lifespan is up to 5 years at hourly readings. 

WW001-00046 & 47 WiSenMeshNET Omni Tilt & Distance Sensor Node -1F07 & 8_A

Long term distance monitoring between two specific points, such as horizontal convergence of a tunnel. 

WISENMESHNET® Laser Tilt /Omni Tilt & Distance Sensor Node


1F06: D-Tilt

1F07: O-Tilt

1F08: O-Tilt

Battery Power

Qty. x 1 (3.6V Lithium primary D-Cell ER34615)

Accuracy Stop Voltage


Mesh Stop Voltage


Battery Connection

Standard Aluminium Battery Holder

Working Current (DC)

Max. 500mA (Typ. 220mA)

Local Storage

Min. 450 Messages during Meshing

L x W x H

100 x 100 x 60mm


≤ 0.65kg

Primary Sensor

Sensor Type


Laser Class

Class 2

Laser Range



Laser Accuracy

Better than ±1.0mm (Typical 0.5mm)

Laser Resolution


Laser Lens Durability

≥ 500Hrs@3Hz@50°C or 2500Hrs@3Hz@25°C

Standard System Parameter

Tilt Sensor

A-axis; B-axis Tilt Values

X-axis; Y-axis; Z-axis Tilt Values



Tilt Range

Range: -30°- +30°;

Accuracy: 0.04° (144″ or 0.700mm/m); Resolution: 0.0025° (9″ or



0.002° (7.2″ or 0.0349mm/m) @ [-2.0°, 2.0°] &

Better than 0.01° (36″ or 0.1745mm/m) @ Any 1° over (-90°, 90°)

0.0001° (0.36″ or 0.001745mm/m)

Long Term Stability

< 0.014° (50″ or 0.2443mm/m)


Range: -40 to 85°C; Accuracy: ±1°C; Resolution: 0.1°C


Accuracy: ±0.1V

WSN Interface

WSN Protocol


Re-Calibration Method

Inspection Period

Every 3 Years by Manufacturer (or inspected by arranged methods)

Industrial Standard

Casing and Painting Materials

Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating)

IP Rating

≥ IP66

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50°C

Fire Proof



CE (Europe), ACMA (Australia)


Long term distance monitoring between two specific points, such as horizontal convergence of a tunnel.


WiSenMeshNET 1F07/1F08/1F09 Omni Tilt & Distance Sensor Node

WiSenMeshNET® Product @ 2.4GHz Radio Frequency

Casing and Painting Materials:  Aluminium-Alloy Die Castings 12 (Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating)
IP Rating:  >= IP66
Operating Temperature:  -10 to 50°C
Fire Proof:  Approved
Certificates:  CE, ACMA, RoHS, REACH,Network Rail Approval (UK), London Underground Product Approval (UK)
  • Omni-axis tilt 360° range

  • ±0.002° accuracy

  • ±0.0002° precision

  • ±0.0001° resolution

  • Distance measurement 0.05m ~ 300m

  • Distance resolution ±0.1mm

  • Intelligent node/repeater

  • Battery life up to 5 years

  • 1 second to 1 hour variable readings

  • End user configurable

  • Rugged Housing

  • IP66

  • Gravity Orientation Sensor

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